I’ve helped produce endless amounts of amazing music in my time, simply too much to showcase here. So I’ll keep things focussed by presenting only my favourite recordings, all of which come from my band, my love, my wife, my ball-and-chain: Tango In The Attic. Navigate through the tabs below to listen to my pick from our recorded catalogue. I’ve also chucked in a few YouTube links down below showing the recordings used in music videos.




‘Sellotape’ was released on Domicile Crocodiles in May 2012. It stands as my proudest achievement both in terms of composition and production.

It is the band’s sophomore album, and reached #65 in the official CMJ music chart.

The idea with this record was to capture an extremely raw, garage sound, focussing on ‘skelping’ guitar sounds, and distorted vocals. Intense amounts of compression and reverb were applied across the board. I mean INTENSE. So much so, we feel we created a new movement: the compressionist movement. For which a detailed wiki page is soon to follow, i’m sure…

Combined with this garage sound, we wanted to weave-in a lot of the sound design philosophies I practiced during my time at Edinburgh uni. Using ‘real-life’ sound samples, warping them into the context of the music. The use of samples in this way far succeeded the way we’d used electronics before; we tried to avoid clichéd synth sounds where possible.

The trouble we’d had incorporating electronics in the past was that the high-fidelity electronic sources would sound out of context with the raw guitars/vocals/etc. The techniques we implemented in SELLOTAPE seem to have given the electronic side of things a garage overhaul, as they seamlessly blend in with the rest of the music.

My favourite track is ‘Family Sucks’ as I feel it showcases this blending-of-genres at its peak. Furthermore, it was a compositional minefield, the finished structure of which still brings a tear to my eye!

‘Bank Place Locomotive Society’ was released by Believe Digital in July 2010. Tango In The Attic’s debut album, it contains music that was written over a long time period – some of which dates from early school days (Evening On The Leftside).

Production-wise it’s not as solid as Sellotape, but it was a lot of fun to make, and served as a huge learning curve.

Mastered at Abbey Road by Andy Wharton.

The King’s Arms (2010): B-Side to the BPLS single ‘Sketch By Quentin Blake’. My 2nd favourite recording, behind Sellotape’s ‘Family Sucks’, in terms of production and composition. Hosted on SoundCloud by our old press agent A Badge Of Friendship – a fantastic and enthusiastic London-based company.

Blue Just Like You (2012):  A tongue-in-cheek Christmas song, written and recorded by myself and Ryan McHugh from Mono Recording Studio. We did this in a single day!